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True Ghost Stories offers you the opportunity to relate your own ghostly experiences. You can also read about other people's real life ghost stories from both the UK and around the world.

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The Enfield Haunting - The True Story

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New Articles On The Sexy Spirits - The Incubus and Succubus
Read all about the lascivious but lethal sexual entities who have invaded our bedrooms for thousands of years.

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New Article - The paranormal horror movie The Conjuring is based on true events which happened to the Perron family in 1970, when they moved into a secluded country farmhouse called The Old Arnold House in Rhode Island.

The case became known as "The Harrisville Haunting". More...

The Titanic

Ghosts of The Titanic

In this year of the 100th anniversay of the most tragic nautical disaster in history, we are all well familiar with the story of the Titanic. But did you know that the ill-fated ship still has many strange stories surrounding it?

Read more about the Titanic Ghosts

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Are you being served by a spirit?

Over the years, there have been many reported cases of ghosts haunting top department stores, and even corner shops.

To read more about these restless retail spirits, click HERE

Harry Price is probably the most famous ghost hunter in the history of British paranormal investigation.

Read all about Price's work - including his most famous investigation, the haunting of Borley Rectory, dubbed "Britain's most haunted house" - HERE

The Sexual Ghosts. Over the centuries, there have been many cases of people being sexually assaulted whilst sleeping in their beds. The ghostly perpetrators of these nocturnal attacks are said to be the Incubus and the Succubus.

To read more about these so-called "sex demons," please click HERE

The Bell Witch haunting is a poltergeist legend from Southern United States folklore, involving the Bell family of Adams, Tennessee. The legend is the basis of the films An American Haunting (2006) and The Bell Witch Haunting (2004).

Read more about The Bell Witch haunting HERE


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