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The Ghostly No. 7 Bus

(The following account of a ghostly bus was sent to me by a lady called Ann-Marie. It is a truly fascinating story!)

Letter From Ann-Marie To The Webmaster of True Ghost Stories:

Hi there

I hope that you might be able to help me find out about a story I have heard of for years but have not been able to find info on it.

I don’t know what year this happened, but a number 7 bus crashed in either Ladbrook Grove or Notting Hill and some people died.

This ghostly number 7 bus has been seen over the years driving through Notting Hill with the lights off and without a driver. Maybe I just don’t know what the title of the story is and that is why I cannot find details on the haunting.

If you can shed some light on it I would be very grateful.




Reply From The Webmaster of True Ghost Stories:

This is a fascinating story! First time I've heard it.

The Webmaster


Reply From Ann-Marie Re. Ghost Bus:

Hi again

I emailed the London Transport Museum asking for info and this is what I have been emailed:

Dear Ann-Marie

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the number 7 'Ghost bus'.

The following information is from the News Chronicle of Monday June 18th 1934.

'Phantom Bus Conductor - Many Rumours and a Reflection'

If there is a ghost bus it is only right that it should have a ghostly conductor. Rumour in North Kensington is providing one. He comes as a sort of sequel to the legend of the phantom bus which is said to roar down St. Mark's Road in the dead of night and to have caused many accidents. The story going round of a phantom conductor who stands in Cambridge Road to warn motorists of the approach of the ghost bus.

Perhaps the best explanation was that of Mrs. Vine, who works in a house on the corner of St. Mark's Road and Cambridge Gardens. "I believe the phantom is the reflection of car headlamps from a pillar box as cars swing round the corner, on wet nights when the road is like a mirror I have noticed the reflections moving in the road."

Some think that the bus is merely one of the late staff buses which use the route in the early hours.'

There is a report which suggests that the death of a motorist in June 1934, was caused as he swerved to avoid the ghost bus.

The following links will take you to websites with further information on the 'haunted' number 7.

http://www.mysterymag.com/hauntedbritain/?page=article&subID=78&artID=27 4



I hope that this information is helpful.

Yours sincerely

The Resource Desk

London's Transport Museum




Reply From The Webmaster of True Ghost Stories:

Thank you for sending me the article. I have put it up on my site

Kind regards

The Webmaster



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The Webmaster
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