Peg Entwistle Ghost

Oct - 31 2016

Peg Entwistle Ghost Does the ghost of aspiring movie starlet Peg Entwistle haunt the Hollywood Sign? Well, if the statements of various people who claim to have encountered her apparition are to be believed, then that is certainly the case. Peg Entwistle came to Hollywood, like most aspiring starlets of the Golden Era, to seek […]

Gillian Anderson

Jun - 24 2015

Gillian Anderson Gillian Anderson, who plays Agent Scully in the popular TV series The X Files, has encountered more than her fair share of paranormal activity in her role as the FBI investigator. But she had a real life ghostly encounter back in 1995, when her home in Vancouver became the focus of troublesome spirits. […]

Jack Lemmon

Jun - 24 2015

Jack Lemmon Academy Award-winning actor Jack Lemmon had two strange encounters with the paranormal. Lemmon first sprang to international stardom in the 1959 movie Some Like It Hot, which also starred Marilyn Munroe and Tony Curtis. In that same year, whilst working on the occult thriller Bell, Book and Candle, he had an experience of […]

Telly Savalas

Jun - 24 2015

Telly Savalas Best known for his iconic TV portrayal of the lollipop-loving detective Theo Kojak, the late, great Greek-born actor Telly Savalas had a real ghostly experience whilst driving home on Long Island at 3 a.m. one summer morning in 1954, when he ran out of petrol and decided to walk to a nearby freeway […]