Shadow Person

Jan - 24 2017

Shadow Person I had seen (or think I have seen) before tall shadow like figures in the hallway between my room and the stairs. Only for a few moments mind you. That never really concerned me as I would just brush it off as my imagination. What bothers me is that about a year or […]

Great Grandmother Ghost

Jan - 24 2017

Great Grandmother Ghost It was my first time staying in Poland without my parents. I left my grandmother’s house to go to sea with my aunts and uncles. I heard stories from them about my great grandmother. How she was a prisoner in Auscwitz during the Second World War. And when everything got better for […]

Smoke Detector Ghost

Jan - 24 2017

Smoke Detector Ghost On October 20th, which was a Friday night, I was at my boyfriends apartment. He and I have always heard footsteps in the kitchen, cabinets closing, and the water cooler being used but no one is there!! Anyhow, so back to Friday the 20th. We ironically enough were watching a program on […]

French Canadian Ghosts

Aug - 24 2016

French Canadian Ghosts Hi there. First, I just want to apologize about my English. I’ll do the best I can. (Sorry! I’m a French Canadian) It all started with my mother. She is very “receptive” towards ghosts or Entities. A lot happened to her but anyway, I guess the first sign I had (Not consciously […]

The Spitting Spectre

Aug - 03 2016

The Spitting Spectre My fiancé’s brother and girlfriend have recently started to be spat on in his Mum’s home. Nobody has seen a figure or anything like that, but usually, around tea time and early evening, large amounts of spit appear on the table in the dining room and the table in the sitting room. […]


Ghostly Knocks

Aug - 03 2016

Ghostly Knocks When I was 11, my best friend came to sleep over at my house for the weekend. My parents had just bought a new queen size bed, but did not put it together yet. The bed frame and the mattress were leaning against the wall in our dining room which is back-to-back with […]

The Accidental Ghost

Aug - 03 2016

The Accidental Ghost (“This happened to me in the late 1980’s. I was vacationing in Southern California. Across the street from the apartment where I was staying was a beautiful old building. I found myself admiring its architecture on several occasions before experiencing something that truly took me aback.”) That building turned out to be […]

Ghost In Suspenders

Aug - 02 2016

Ghost In Suspenders Hi! I love your website! When I was about five, my mom had an old blue buick. I can remember riding, in the back, and my mom asking me if I had messed with her seat. She would always feel someone/ something messing with her chair. One day, when we arrived home, […]