Poltergeist Story

Jan - 24 2017

Poltergeist Story In the year 1996, I was ten years old when my Mom went to bed and my brother was on the couch watching TV. When I went to go play with my Mom’s keys and I set them down on the stove and went back to the couch to watch more TV, my […]

What is a Poltergeist?

Jun - 24 2015

What is a Poltergeist? The word “poltergeist” comes from the German word “poltern,” which means to “rumble” or “jangle”, and “geist,” which means “spirit.” “Poltern” also describes an act of loud or aggressive speech. Although poltergeist literally means “noisy spirit,” a poltergeist is neither a spirit nor a ghost, according to paranormal and parapsychology experts. […]