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Extreme Ghost Stories

Extreme Ghost Stories is a British-made paranormal TV show which was produced by Granada Television. It consisted of four episodes, the duration of each was just under an hour.

After an appeal by Granada Television for those whose lives had been affected by paranormal incidents to contact them, the series was first shown by ITV in 2006. It was later picked up by American cable channel WE TV in September 2007.

The programme featured dramatic reconstructions of ghostly incidents in famous haunted locations, in addition to individual cases which many paranormal buffs hadn’t heard of.

The series also featured interviews with resident Most Haunted Live historian and commentator Lesley Smith. Rob Brown narrated the series.

The black mass – or “shadow person” – is a recurring supernatural entity of the series.

Locations featured in the series include The Skirrid Inn, Michelham Priory, and the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

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