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Ghost In Suspenders

Hi! I love your website!

When I was about five, my mom had an old blue buick. I can remember riding, in the back, and my mom asking me if I had messed with her seat. She would always feel someone/ something messing with her chair.

One day, when we arrived home, I saw him. He was sitting in the driver’s side, wearing suspenders, with long nappy hair, and smoking a pipe. It starled me, so I turned to tell my mom. Then, before I told, In turned back, and he was gone.

A few years later, we were traveling to Virgina for my uncle’s wedding. I saw him on the side of the road. This time he had the pipe, hair, and a tuxedo w/suspenders. He had an Abraham Licoln resembling hat. He toke the hat off, and then he smiled, and waved.

That was the last time I saw him. But sometimes I still sense he is there.

Sassy D. Chastain


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