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Ghostly Knocks

When I was 11, my best friend came to sleep over at my house for the weekend. My parents had just bought a new queen size bed, but did not put it together yet.

The bed frame and the mattress were leaning against the wall in our dining room which is back-to-back with the living room. Anyway, my friend and I were eating lunch and listening to my sister reading some jokes from a magazine. Dad was asleep down the hall and Mom was out horseback riding.

We stopped and heard three sharp, pounding knocks from the other room.

“Hey Dad!” my sister said. But with no reply. So we went to the other room and checked it out. Only the bed was leaning against the wall. We were scared out of our minds.

To this day, we still hear strange noises through out the house – especially in my room, where the bed is.

Stacey C.


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