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Ghosts by Hans Holzer

Ghosts, True Encounters With The World Beyond is an absolute Tiger tank of a book! By that, I mean it really is the biggest single volume on ghosts that I have ever seen, and certainly one of the best too.

Written by world-renowned parapsychologist Hans Holzer, this hefty tome contains hundreds of real life ghost stories from all corners of the world, featuring haunted houses, ships, castles, and just about any other place you could possibly imagine! Such famous hauntings as The Amityville Horror and The Raynham Hall Apparition are also covered.

Many of the detailed stories are accompanied by rare, genuine photographs depicting the haunted locations, ghosts caught on camera, and some of the many people involved in these paranormal occurrences.. There are also some stunning and fascinating accounts of seances held by various mediums in a number of the haunted buildings.

Another great thing about this book is that you can just dip into at will to read any particular story you fancy, just as you would with an encyclopedia or similar reference book..

Not only does Holzer introduce us to those who visit from the next dimension, but he also explains why they seek contact with our world, and offers expert advice on how to interpret sights, sounds, activities, visions and other experiences that signal the presence of someone from the other side.

Ghosts is a must-read for all would-be ghost hunters and fans of the paranormal in general. You should definitely have this great, well-researched, and utterly fascinating book in your collection.

You can buy Ghosts, True Encounters With The World Beyond, by clicking on the Amazon link above this article.

by Alan Toner


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