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Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson, who plays Agent Scully in the popular TV series The X Files, has encountered more than her fair share of paranormal activity in her role as the FBI investigator. But she had a real life ghostly encounter back in 1995, when her home in Vancouver became the focus of troublesome spirits.

According to Gillian’s account of her ghostly experiences, when she and her husband Clyde, along with their daughter Piper, moved into their house, strange things began to happen. Lights would inexplicably be switched on and off all over the house, and weird noises could be heard at night. As this paranormal activity continued, Gillian began to get the feeling that something – exactly what, she didn’t know – had become attached to her. With this fear constantly nagging at her, she felt she had no alternative but to seek expert help.

As Gillian had accrued quite an extensive amount of knowledge of the paranormal through all the reading up she’d had to do for her role as Agent Scully, she knew who best to consult in order to help her get rid of whatever entity was haunting her home: a local expert. This expert, according to Gillian, was a Native American, and when he visited the house, he told her that she was living near an Indian burial ground, and that the spirits of those dead warriors were still in a state of unrest after dying in a plague. The man then performed a ritual called ‘Smudging’ in which herbs are burned to cleanse the place of all impurities.

After the ritual had been performed, Gillian was both amazed and relieved to find that no more paranormal activity occurred in the house. Whatever entities had haunted her home, they were now gone.


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