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Great Grandmother Ghost

It was my first time staying in Poland without my parents.

I left my grandmother’s house to go to sea with my aunts and uncles. I heard stories from them about my great grandmother. How she was a prisoner in Auscwitz during the Second World War.

And when everything got better for her, she died.

One day, my aunt woke up early in the morning and told her daughter that in her dreams she saw her mother, my grandmother. My great grandmother said something to my aunt in her dream, but she didn’t know what.

Later, we went shopping, my aunt went off by herself. She came back to us panting. She said that she saw, in a grey coat, my great grammie.

I have longed to meet my greatgrandmother. Maybe someday I will, the same way that my aunt did.

When we returned from our trip, my great grandfather asked for the first time in 30 years, ”Have you seen my wife?”.

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