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Haunted House Half-Wit

One of the dangers of becoming very well known in the paranormal field is that people treat you differently, you get pointed out in the street, my radio slot became a national sensation and a letter with my name on addressed with just “Exorcist London England,” reached me from the U.S.

People email you from all over the world to ask advice on all sorts of things,and you can begin to take yourself seriously,
And this is a mistake. “pride rides before a fall”

Several of us all experts in the field had banded together and with our combined experiences, over several years had become undoubtably the premier paranormalists in the country. We were getting invitations to amazing royal houses that were closed to other researchers.

The following story is one that still makes our team blush with acute embarrassment.

We had a call out from a little old lady that her house in a quiet neglected little turning in a Norfolk village was being haunted by a missing previous lodger, with serious occult after effects. One of the cardinal rules to this sort of stuff is to take statements from others affected by the phenomena, but this lady lived alone, so there was no verification.

The 3 of us arrived at the door to the very run down property to find a man with a crazy false Tony Blair like grin, but with no teeth and a bald head laughing at us from the gate next door, we assumed he was a half wit and ignoring him we went in with the old lady, and the sight and smell really hit us of stale alcohol in the rubbish strewn house, We met upstairs and stood at the back window away from the smell and the old lady and wished we had stayed at home, from this window we again saw the half wit grinning toothless man next door watching and pointing up at us from his garden.

The decision was made that we had to spend the next couple of hours clearing away loads of bottles, cans and rubbish to the front garden before we could assess what exactly we had here.

As the afternoon ended we sat down for a breather on the front step, and again the half wit old man with no teeth came and pointed at us and laughed hysterically, this was beginning to annoy us so we went back inside.

The old lady said the previous occupant had gone missing and was haunting the property, and causing all sorts of paranormal phenomena.
The 3 of us were exhausted and said we would come back at the weekend.

So on leaving the old halfwit man next door again pointed and was jumping up and down like a hysterical laughing monkey, David Tyndall walked back and asked; ” look old chap just what is your problem ” ?

The old man took out his teeth from a handkerchief in his back pocket and put them in And told us, “old Mabel there she told the police that she believed the missing man was buried in the garden and convinced the police to dig the garden over for her, she then told the Jehovah Witnesses she could not join them because she was concerned her house needed fixing up, which they did, but would not clear away the rubbish, so she made up the story about a haunting and you three cleared it all away for her “

The sudden dawning that we had been had, by a frail cunning old lady was not received well by us at all, and that we felt the halfwit was actually quite an intelligent chap who then walked into the house laughing, with his arm round the frail old lady, this made us look terrible fools and was a very sobering lesson, that not everyone is genuine in the world of the paranormal, this humiliation brought us down to earth with a bump, and showed that things are rarely what they seem, and to always look below the surface for other meanings..

T Stokes
Paranormalist and Exorcist

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