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Shadow Person

I had seen (or think I have seen) before tall shadow like figures in the hallway between my room and the stairs. Only for a few moments mind you. That never really concerned me as I would just brush it off as my imagination. What bothers me is that about a year or two ago I had a strange dream.

In the dream, I was asleep, in my bed, but my bed was in a different spot in my room..closer to the door and facing the door, which is the only thing that assures me it was a dream.

I awoke in the dream and saw, beside my bed, a tall dark shadow with a type of top hat on.

I tried to scream, talk, move, anything but I just couldn’t. And I was struggling because I just felt so trapped and vulnerable and downright frightened.

Soon after I awoke from my dream in real life and bolted up in bed scared and looking around.

There was nothing there.

From Paintmered


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