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The Haunted Wirral Museum

Jun - 25 2015

The Haunted Wirral Museum Situated in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, the Wirral Museum – formerly the old Birkenhead Town Hall – has a number of ghosts which have been seen by members of staff and the general public over the years. A figure of a man has often been sighted sitting on a bench close by […]

Haunted Fairgrounds

Jun - 25 2015

Haunted Fairgrounds Fairgrounds and theme parks often put on haunted shows during Halloween. Each one will present some kind of stunning horror show to give the patrons the real scary rollercoaster ride they crave. But it is a well known fact that some of these parks are really haunted. So, if you’d like to see […]

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ghosts

Jun - 25 2015

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ghosts Blackpool is the UK’s most popular seaside resort. For years, thousands of holidaymakers from all the British Isles and the world have flocked to the Lancashire town to take in its many attractions, from its famous Golden Mile and its illuminations to its wonderful sandy beach. But aside from its famous […]

Haunted New York

Jun - 24 2015

Haunted New York – Enjoy a Spooktacular Tour of the City By Kathryn Lively New York City is known for many things – the bright lights of Broadway, fine cuisine and corner vendors, glamour and excitement. Yet for those interested in the paranormal and unexplained, the Big Apple may very well be renamed the Big […]