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The Blue Jeans Ghost

(The following experience was related to me by my young cousin. It happened in her home, in broad daylight, whilst she was doing her housework. Though the experience happened a few years ago, she still gets a shudder down her spine when she talks about it even to this day!)

It was a mild afternoon. Cousin Kathy was just in the throes of her housework. As the kids were at school and her husband was at work, now was the ideal time for her to clear the place up, without interruption, before they came home for their tea.

As she bent down to pick up a piece of discarded sweet wrapper, she saw a pair of man’s legs, clad in blue jeans, standing behind her.

She whirled around . . . but whoever it was those legs had belonged to had suddenly and mysteriously vanished.

Heart pounding madly, neck prickling with an icy chill, she instantly abandoned her housework and ran for the front door. In her sheer panic, she left a home-made pie in the oven to burn.

Her mother only lived across the road, and so when Kathy told her all about the weird “blue jean” apparition she had just seen, she too was, understandably, quite stunned.

By Alan Toner
Kindle Book Author


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