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The Funny Little Mongrel Dog

British roadways were constructed originally last century for the horse and cart, and almost as a begrudging after thought, were updated in the 1920s and 30s for the expanding use of the motor car.

These roadways just cannot cope with the huge amounts of traffic they now receive.

In the sixties the government wanted an excuse to close the railways which had functioned well since Victorian times, in order to push people into buying cars produced by the British Motor Corporation, ( B.M.C ) later British Leyland, to keep people in employment and get the revenues from car buying , road tax, insurance premiums and petrol duties etc.

The government persuaded a fall guy called Dr. Beeching to close all the small branch rail lines, so country people would have to buy cars to get to the town..The results can now be seen with the dangerously over crowded roadways through our counties.

However, I was out with a friend on a car trip to London, on a fast and busy stretch of road, when suddenly I felt a chill and looking sideways out of the window I noticed a bunch of cut flowers placed on the verge of the busy road. This can be a British custom to mark the site of a death of a loved one in a road accident. And I thought I may have seen a small shape standing close by, and I felt deep sadness for the bereaved family.

All there was nearby was a few cottages some distance from the road, and no other signs of habitation, apart from a bus pull in, and a small garage and shop.

Each time I travelled the journey, I experienced the same chilling sensations as we passed that spot, and on looking, often saw a bunch of flowers there.

One night, as we returned home from our weekly trips to London, where I would
give talks on the paranormal, I slept intermittently in the car on the way back, when suddenly I awoke in shock as I felt a now familiar chill run up and down my back.

I knew without looking that we were passing the spot where the flowers would be placed, and sure enough there we were, and a small misty shape was definitely standing nearby.

It was some time after on one of our journeys that I felt compelled to ask our driver to stop at the nearest garage on the busy road, and enquired inside after who put the flowers there ?

The story unfolded that an ice cream van would stop at the bus pull in at school closing time, and ring the chimes for the children to come from the cottages for a lolly or ice cream.

Seven years previously when the chimes rang, a child had run across the busy road and an accident occurred, and many people had reported subsequently seeing her misty shape as they sped by.

The grandmother who normally picked up the child from school had fallen asleep in her armchair, and the little girl had come home alone when tragedy struck.

The little isolated community had made life difficult in blaming the grandmother, For the accident, and the girl in the garage shop pointed out with hostility where the old lady lived.

On feeling an overwhelming compulsion to see the cottage up close and speak to the old lady I went and looked at the numbers on the cottage doors, when a barking funny little mongrel dog announced my presence.

The little old lady came to the door and apologetically, I said I was a registered psychic and feeling the presence at the accident spot, just needed to hear about the circumstances behind it.

The old lady told me sharply that she did not want busy bodies poking their noses into what happened, and that her son and daughter in law, and several neighbours still did not speak, and avoided her, which compounded her sense of guilt, grief and loss,

And the flowers were from her garden. It was really when the funny little mongrel dog decided I was alright after all, and rolled over on his back to have his tummie rubbed that she said I had better come in.

She made me a cup of earl grey, in a proper china teapot, with a bone china cup and saucer, this was a shock as nowadays we rush to have a teabag in a mug,

What a treat I thought !

then rummaging through some papers, she tearfully showed me a photograph of the dead grand-daughter, she went on about how ill she had been with chicken pox, and how she was a promising little piano player, but was teased awfully at school about the braces on her teeth, when the awful tragedy struck.

People understand an adult’s death, because they have had their life span,but childloss is the most difficult of trials.

The funny little mongrel dog was being a bit of a nuisance, trying to seduce my leg,And I was trying hard to concentrate on the old ladies shaky voice..

We then after a while walked slowly together to the spot, the excited dog was pulling her along on the lead so I took him, he really did seem to take to me,

in fact more than she did, I still picked up her thoughts that I was a nosy busy body, which I probably am, when arriving at the spot, I felt a little cold isolated, and on edge.

Together we said a prayer of healing for the child, and tried to make mental contact, And told her not to stay here, but to walk into the light.

We then experienced a sense of relief, happiness almost and inner warmth, and knew the child had gone on.

Then as we walked back in silence to the cottage, the old lady said she was too old to look after the funny little mongrel dog, and as he had taken to me, could I give it a home, I pulled a negative face, then felt compelled to say “yes of course” “he can come home with me”

My driver waiting in the car looked bored stiff as I approached, then jumped in shock to see my new friend, a funny little mongrel dog, and blurted out, “What have you got there”

I told him, it’s a funny little mongrel dog”

And he seems sexually attracted to peoples ankles”.

Mediums often specialise in different aspects of bereavement, the late Doris Stokes had such an incredible way with spirit children.

Whenever I pass that spot in the car on trips to London, I always look for the shape of the little girl, knowing instinctively she is now at rest,

And anyone coming to my home knows it is protected by a funny little mongrel dog who will sexually assault their leg if they dare to come in.

T Stokes paranormal studies lecturer

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