The Golden Fleece Ghosts

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The Golden Fleece Ghosts

The Golden Fleece Inn, situated in the market town of Elland in Yorkshire, is said to be home to many different kinds of ghosts from many centuries. Built in the early 17th Century, it was originally a farmhouse called The Great House Farm.

The building has a long history of crime, as several murders have been committed there over the centuries, and the ghosts of many of these unfortunate victims and their evil murderers are said to still haunt the Fleece Inn even to this day.

The Golden Fleece Inn incurred a notorious reputation for attracting prostitutes, who would often solicit for clients in the pub, in the hope that the alcohol would stimulate the progress of their business. One of these prostitutes, who was pregnant when she died, is said to have been slaughtered there with an axe. There is also the case of a servant girl who was viciously assaulted and pushed down the stairs to her death. Here ghost is said to haunt the spot where she met her death.

The Inn’s most famous ghost is Leathery Coits. This entity is reported to travel at great speed past the building, minus his head and in a coach drawn by headless horses. There is also the tale of a visitor to the Elland market at the start of the 19th Century, who died at the hands of a local man with whom he got into a fight. The blood-stained handprint of the murdered man remained on the stairs for over a hundred years, during which no amount of scrubbing or washing could remove it. It was eventually destroyed when the inn was renovated in the 1970s.

There have been many other strange entities seen moving around the Fleece Inn. However, in addition to the rather sinister spirits, there have also been many benign ghosts. For instance, when the inn was a farmhouse, the spirit of a farmer called Will is reported to sit in a chair near the fireplace. In life, this man would have probably loved coming in, removing his boots and just relaxing there in his chair, after his laborious work all day out in the fields. His presence has been sensed many times. There are also two other former inhabitants whose spirits are said to walk the inn: Alice Pollard and William Wooler. Both were landlords in the 1800s.

There have also been strange olfactory happenings in the inn. The delicious smell of freshly baked bread has been smelt in an area that was once the kitchen. An aroma of lemon has also been sensed, which permeates the air quite suddenly and from an unknown source.

The ghost of a young girl called Jane has been heard running up and down the stairs and through the rooms, giggling constantly as she goes. There have also been many reports of strange voices and running footsteps in the upper rooms of the building. In addition, a weird banging noise has been heard throughout the building.

The Fleece Inn has long been described as having a rather oppressive aura about it, and many people have experienced intense feelings of sadness there, as they want to break down and cry. Others have reported feelings of intoxication, even though they’ve had no drink. This could be attributable to the fact that the inn has obviously seen more than its fair share of drunkards over the years!

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