The Haunted Gaumont Theatre, Liverpool

Jun - 22 2015 | By

In Toxteth, Liverpool, there is a decaying Art Deco building that is reported to be haunted by ghosts of times long ago. That building used to be called The Gaumont, and it has been a theatre, a cinema and a bingo hall.

The various ghostly occurrences in the old theatre have scared many an unsuspecting visitor. Many people claim to have seen a number of eerie

manifestations of men and women haunting the building. Others have witnessed strange lights and spooky, shadowy figures quite frequently. Some people, in trying to find some kind of explanation for all these paranormal happenings, have attributed them to the rumoured suicide of a man who is thought to have hung himself behind the old cinema screen.

There is also a local legend that a lady died whilst playing bingo in The Gaumont, her heart giving out due to the intense excitement generated by the game. Many people believe that her ghost still haunts the old Art Deco building, trapped where she met her untimely demise.

If you should feel inclined to take a trip to the old theatre and enter it, then you do so at your own risk. Be warned: at any moment, you could quite easily encounter some of the ghostly entities that haunt the walls and floors of the once grand Gaumont Theatre.