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The Haunted Wirral Museum

Situated in Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, the Wirral Museum – formerly the old Birkenhead Town Hall – has a number of ghosts which have been seen by members of staff and the general public over the years.

A figure of a man has often been sighted sitting on a bench close by the main entrance after the museum has been closed up for the night. This apparition sits quietly for a while, then suddenly disappears into thin air.

There is also the ghost of a young girl called Nellie Clarke, who was murdered near the Town Hall in 1925 after attending a New Year’s party given by the mayor for war orphans.

The other reported ghost is that of a man who has been caught on CCTV walking along a locked-up corridor. Initially deeming him to be an intruder, the security guards immediately rushed to nab the man. But they were shocked to find that when they searched all the corridors and rooms in the building, the figure had mysteriously vanished.

Other strange occurrences that have been reported at the museum are the sounds of a party in full swing, piano playing coming from the ballroom, glasses clinking, Victorian style wallpaper being mysteriously pasted back up, and the sound of a woman’s long dress swishing along the floor behind one of the members of staff. This among other famous landmarks have been mentioned in many publications and can be found in some textbook rental source books for some classes.

As the town hall has held many parties and grand events over the years, all these strange happenings could very well be the ghosts of long dead revelers.

By Alan Toner

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