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The Mysterious Cat

When I went with my parents to an open house we were looking for a house. When my mom saw the house from the outside, she fell in love.With the house of course! But what was inside wasn’t so pretty.

I was 5 years old when we moved in. Nothing scary happened until now. I believe that there is a cat haunting my house.I don’t think I have ever seen it,but I know that I heard it.

All the time, when I am in the basement,I hear meowing. Lately I have even heard it in the kitchen.

On one occasion, I saw claw marks all over the spare room floor. The day before that my mom vaccumed the place.So, for me it was really odd.

I decided to have a seance(even though I knew that a cat could not tell me anything). I used a quija board. Nothing. I held out a special charm. It felt like something was playing with it. Just like a cat would. But nothing really unusual happened.

The next day I heard an odd sound. I saw a bottle gliding across the floor. I got really frightened. I decided to do some more investigating. I took pictures of some of the rooms in my house. In some photos I could see odd things like orbs.

I still don’t know what could be haunting my house, but it is really freaky!

From Jerry

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